Alexandra & Nick

From when I first met Karen, I knew she would be the attentive, caring, professional, lovely and amazing planner she ended up being. She’s incredibly easy to work with and truly knows how to plan and execute the wedding of your dreams. I’m an extremely picky person and often do not trust suggestions or recommendations from others so I was a little hesitant about working with a planner in general. But Karen took the time to get to know me, my husband, and what we wanted and matched us with the right vendors and items for our wedding. Working with her was truly the highlight of my planning experience to the point where I didn’t want the date to come! Our planning experience had a lot of drama at a certain point and Karen was so masterful at handling it. We had multiple serious issues with our venue—often they would tell us one thing and then completely undermine it—not only did Karen handle them professionally she stood up for us and made sure we didn’t have to deal with the drama at all. When I say she handled it, Karen really went to bat for us. She had a meeting with the venue’s owner where she went toe to toe advocating for us assertively and compassionately while remaining completely professional. Also, before you assume, we had picked the venue before hiring Karen. I know that if we had waited, she would have helped us find a truly kind and beautiful venue. So many other things went haywire, I couldn’t recount them all in this review, but I can tell you that consistently and without fail, Karen capably took care of each one. And that’s coming from someone who has difficulty with letting go and allowing others to take control. Never at one point was I concerned or worried for how the wedding day would turn out. I knew Karen and Fab Affairs would handle everything better than I could have dreamed and it was that and so much more. To be honest, there are so many wonderful things I could put in this review about Karen and Fab Affairs, I just simply don’t have the time to detail each one. TL;DR: Karen/Fab Affairs will not disappoint you. She’s everything you’d want in a planner and more!!


Jordan & Matt

Future brides: when I began planning our wedding, I was always warned that I probably wouldn’t get to have fun or truly enjoy my wedding day because of stress or being pulled in a million different directions. Well my husband and I wanted to make sure that wouldn’t happen to us so we hired our wedding planner, Karen Nottingham, owner, of Fab Affairs LLC. We selected the package where Karen took over the reigns the month before our wedding. She was our day-of coordinator and made sure everything ran smoothly. Even before our planner officially took over, she was always an email or phone call away if we needed vendor recommendations, specific rental items we couldn’t find on our own, or even just to check in and make sure we were doing okay. Thank you making our wedding a fairytale. Every detail was executed perfectly. Our heads are reeling from how you brought our vision to life. I was never stressed because you took care of EVERYTHING! I highly recommend not only a wedding planner but Fab Affairs!!

Jacqueline & Andy

Our day would not have been what it was without Karen and Jess. I would never do it over again without them! They made sure everything went smoothly and everyone was happy. Even with my controlling tendancies I never had one fear that Karen wouldn’t do everything perfectly. I cannot express enough how wonderful Karen was and how at ease I felt all day. She was the most wonderful person and I am so happy that I decided to hire her!

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Urvi & Glenn

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If you are getting married there are two things you need to know: 1.) you do need a wedding planner; 2.) Karen should be your wedding planner. Frankly she’s the reason we were able to not just enjoy our wedding day but also be able to do our day jobs like normal people and save money in the wedding planning. We thought hiring a wedding planner would have costed too much. But when we looked at her prices and found they weren’t so high. AND it turns out flowers and other things would have costed more. So investing in Karen meant saving so much more money on things we didn’t need; we ended up paying much less than our budget sheet anticipated! And if you are the bride or couple who ask for FabAffairs’ services to co-plan with you, you are going to have soooo much fun planning with Karen because she genuinely LIKES planning weddings and she will genuinely be excited for you!! And you’ll be calling her a lot. And when you can’t take the questions coming from your well-meaning family, you’ll be asking them to call her a lot, too. And on the wedding day, you won’t have to worry about anything st all because Karen and her fabulous team will have it covered. My husband and I AND our families had the best day ever on our wedding day ever because no one had to do more than they volunteered for. That’s how it should be at your wedding. Let Karen and her awesome team be there for you. They are well worth the investment!! 


Karen was absolutely amazing to work with. Our wedding was the weekend of a potential hurricane and Karen went above and beyond to ensure we were ready for every scenario in the week leading up. She was also able to negotiate an extra hour from our band for free! Then when the day came, she made sure that every detail went smoothly. My family has also raved about Karen. She really watched out for my husband's grandmother, making sure she had somewhere to sit during cocktail hour and dancing so that she could be a part of every moment. She was also a great coach for my Aunt, the officiant, as this was her first time performing a ceremony. All in all, I cannot recommend her enough!

Casey and Tom